Get a new IP Address

If you need a new and clean IP Address there many ways. With the small how to, you get deffently a new IP Address.

At first you need to check, if you have an Static or Dynamic IP Address on your Computer.

Use the IP Tool and Check your IP every hour

  • if you have the same IP Address, then you have a “static IP Address
  • if you see all the time a new IP Address then you have a “dynamic P Address”

Get an new IP Address (dynamic IP Address)

  • Restart your Router (turn off and wait some minutes), after the restart you become directly a new IP, if you connect to you Router.

Get an new IP Address (static IP Address)

  • With static IP-Address there not so much ways, the best Option is to select an VPN Provider (Virtual Private Network) and connect over the internet to another Network with dynamic or flexible switch IP Address. You can switch to this VPN Network when you want. Install the VPN App from your VPN Provider and switch between the networks.
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  • You pay like 10$ per month for the VPN Provider.